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Tender and succulent with a mild sweet flavor.

Harvests in 5-6 days. Yields 16×1, i.e. one quarter cup of seeds yields 4 cups of sprouts.
Growing Tip: Rinse at least 4 times daily, and remove hulls and slowly sprouting seeds on day four.
Serving Idea: Serve chilled on top of salty tortilla chips and follow with lemonade.
Miscellany: After eating fenugreek sprouts my underarms smelled like maple syrup for three weeks.

This is a delicious sprout that’s easy to grow. I have only two negative reviews. First, about a third of the seeds either didn’t sprout or were so slow to sprout that they weren’t ready to eat on day 6. Second, the fenugreek-induced maple syrup aroma from my underarms was a little weird, but gave me an idea for what to feed my buddies the next time we go camping.

Whole fenugreek seeds from the Park Slope Food Coop. This little bag measured in at 1/4 cup. Image

Pour into a dry bowl to check for errant debris … all clear.Image

Put them up to soak overnight in a half gallon mason jar fitted with a fine screen-top lid.Image

Rinse and drain repeatedly for five to six days. !/4 cup seeds yields 4 cups sprouts.Image

My 4 year old liked them on salty tortilla chips served with lemonade.Image


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