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Online Retailers
Fungi.com  – Washington, an organic family business operated by Paul Stamets.
FieldForest.net  – Wisconsin, diverse selections with good prices.
WylieMycologicals.ca  – Ontario, organic commercial and small gardener support.
MushroomShack.com  – Ohio, one of the closest to NYC.
Backtotheroots.com  – Washington, sells an easy-grow oyster mushroom kit also sold locally in Brooklyn.

Resource Communities
Mushroom walks with the New York Mycological Society.
NAMYCO.org  – North American Mycological Society.
MykoWeb.com A useful information warehouse from experienced Californian mycologists.

Further Reading
Mycelium Running, by Paul Stamets
Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms, by Paul Stamets
Mushroom Guide, by David Aurora

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